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How the tool can help you

NetworkYou gives you the control to build your social network quickly and efficiently. It’s easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to implement.

Find your audience
The tool makes it simple for you to find potential customers and partners that suit what you have to offer. When you sign up, just add the keywords that best describe your industry and the intelligent API base will source the right target audience for your business.

Share exciting content
Using this information, NetworkYou takes the hard work out of finding the content your users want to engage with. It quickly sources relevant articles, videos, gifs, other social posts and much more for you to share, helping you become the authority in your industry.

Save time with scheduling
Managing social media accounts is time-consuming. NetworkYou takes away the pressure of daily posting by allowing you to schedule in advance. Spend an hour and get your posts lined up for the week to keep your new followers engaged.

Using the tool will save you time and money, and will ultimately help you become more successful with your network marketing business. Use NetworkYou to...

  • Discover what to say and how to say it
    Get bundles of ideas that will attract the right audience for your business. (details)
  • Schedule your posts in advance
    Spend less time finding content and more time speaking to your followers. (details)
  • Follow real-time stats
    Track your daily progress and see how well certain posts are performing. (details)
  • Connect all your social accounts
    Manage all of your networks in one place to keep things simple. (details)

What other network marketers say about NetworkYou

Angie uses our follower tool to profile potential followers and see who is following other marketers like her, allowing her to focus on those most likely to convert.

I didn't know how to grow my social audience...

Despite hours of reading I still found myself bewildered, lost, stressed and anxious about social media. NetworkYou has helped me build a professional social media strategy. I have in a few short weeks doubled my target market followers and I now confidently embrace using social media in my business.

— Angie

Karla uses our web content tool to find feeds of interest to her and her followers.

I didn't know what to post...

The content and articles are easy to find using keywords that are relevant and up-to-date. It automatically creates you a schedule, and with the touch of the button I can edit it. After my first post I have had brand new likes and followers – I'm so happy.

— Karla

Sian overcame her time pressures by relying on our social media scheduler to ensure she’s always communicating with her followers.

I didn't have the time to continually post...

Prior to NetworkYou, I really was unsure on what to post out other than my personal messages to people. NetworkYou has loads of really cool content that I share and my followers engage well with it.

Genuinely, it would take me an age to find the sorts of great articles and videos it allows me to choose from. NetworkYou is a time saver and confidence booster for me on social. I've found a new level.

— Sian

Trusted by Network Marketers globally

We’re an approved industry supplier by both the DSA and Seldia. And NetworkYou is already being used by these well-known brands:

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