We help to remove the frustration from social media so network marketers can grow their online easily network.

NetworkYou is all about making social media management simple – allowing you to connect with a customers and partners without the hassle.

When used correctly, social media is a powerful lead generation tool.

In today’s ever-connected world, you need to know how to make social media work best for your business. But it’s constantly shifting and what works one day, might not the next – making it difficult to learn, difficult to manage and difficult to see results.

We recognise that only a handful of people will put in the time. The rest either give up or get a mediocre number of leads, meaning so many fantastic network marketers are missing out on the change to generate a large number of qualified leads.

NetworkYou was born out of a need to make this process easier.

Our aim is to brighten your enthusiasm for social media. We want to make sure you can use the tool to find the right business for your industry, without needing to spend your limited time.

By making social media easy to manage and it simple to grow an engaged audience, we hope to take away the frustration. Making sure you can concentrate on promoting your knowledge with great content that your audience wants to interact with.

Meet the Team

Paul Homewood

Paul Homewood

CEO and Founder of NetworkYou

Time and time again, we see Network Marketers either copy the herd or lose enthusiasm with Social Media. We provide network marketers, of all levels, a way of increasing their business, capture their goals and ultimately make money by using social media.

Shelly Allen

Shelly Allen

Business Development

I have many years experience in Network Marketing. During my success in this industry I have seen the opportunities overlooked or lost through peoples lack of understanding in Social Media. It’s a pleasure to be involved in shaping NetworkYou to help network marketers improve and succeed through social media.

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