14th April 2017 — To fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially something creative. That’s the meaning of inspire. How nice it is to be able to do that for someone, to motivate and give them a seed of energy to take on a task and deliver on the wings of your previous message.

Inspiration is a cyclical event. By becoming or allowing yourself to be inspired by others it teaches you the benefit of passing along knowledge to give others the opportunity to see a new way, or to embark on their interpretation of a task you have shown them.

The work of Albert Einstein have inspired science and scientists for years

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Think about what inspires you and who inspires you. Does the work ethic of a particular individual give you the encouragement to do something in your own agenda differently. Being open to inspiration can infuse your work and drive you to a new level. It’s about keeping that signal open and ready every day, to pick up new information that you can re-write for the benefit and purpose you envisage.

Consider some of the most inspiring people of all time. The work of Albert Einstein have inspired science and scientists for years, Muhammad Ali has given hope and belief to all boxers who enter the ring, and Steve Jobs has inspired an entire generation in tech to reach further and never settle for anything less than incredible. Whether these people alone assist and inspire you to reach your new heights is dependent of course on your own interests and life path, but I’m sure you will agree the possibilities of being inspired are endless.

So with the smallest of hope, but with equal certainty, its possible that this article may have inspired you to look out for inspiration and in turn, seize the opportunity to inspire others. Your personal and business growth will thank you for it.