14th April 2017 — Ask John, or ask Jane, they know. We all have people like this in our lives. If we are unprepared or lack knowledge, we drive our problem to those who have the solution.

There is a terms that has surfaced over the years, "Google it" or "Ask Google", why has this surfaced, because Google is the authority of search and the results it brings. It solves your problem but it has only been able to achieve this through years of perfecting its art or service.

What would you be able to help people with, what area of expertise are you known for?

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Lets take for example, you want to get fit and healthy and be able to be more physically capable. If your experience in this field is limited, bar a Google search, its quite possible you may look to find expertise, someone who has the answers and the experience to guide you to your goal.

So ask yourself this question, what would you be able to help people with, what area of expertise are you known for? In service and supply industry, the go to phone call for a product or service is often based around your knowledge that you are going to be contacting an expert, someone who has demonstrated to the market place that they know their product or service so well, that people who need such a service or product will not hesitate in contacting them.

If you are responsible for a broad range of products to sell, consider becoming a master of one them that services the needs of others. By introducing this product first and by demonstrating your knowledge of it you gain an important element in all business relationships, trust. This is your door opener, your first run of the ladder to instigate the first transaction. Once the consumer recognises that you know your arena, the likelihood of you being able to sell further products and services to them has just increased enormously.