14th April 2017 — Consistency: The quality of achieving the level of performance, which does not vary greatly in quality over time.

Consistency is so important in progression. In fact, I would go as far as to say that consistency is the heartbeat of success itself. You see, with consistency, you connect a whole host of other words, such as reliable, dependable, steady, true, unfailing. Now consider this, if you were to describe the level of service a business or service could offer you, how many of those words would appear in your description? Consistency is an essential ingredient.

The opposite to consistency is dishonest, irrational, unreasonable, unsteady

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For me, I would want the business to be consistent, consistent in opening hours, consistent on its billing, consistent on the level of service I receive. I would want it be dependable and true to its agreement with me and without question, I would want it to deliver to my original experience time and time again.

To give you further evidence of the importance of this fabulous word. Sometimes to understand the power of the word, to look at the opposite gives us a clearer light on the original. So, the opposite to consistency is dishonest, irrational, unreasonable, unsteady and there are many more, but my money thinks you get my point. If you’re not consistent, you may not know it, but you could be described as irrational, or unsteady or even unreasonable, now if you are in business, would you do business with you if your not consistent? Doubtful.

We’ve all I’m sure experienced the slide in service syndrome, the hot introduction, the promise of high level service, or at minimum, the perception of, high service delivery, closely followed by a reduction in quality and care, and eventually and complete removal of any level of service altogether. These companies exist, and day in a day out we experience service levels that mirror this timeline. Consistency is not easy, it requires discipline, regular reflection and considerable effort, but and this is a very big but (no pun intended), this is the very ingredient that will drive you and your business to greater success. Be consistent with consistency.