14th April 2017 — I say ‘ish, because to simply follow and replicate the movements of successful people will result in very little benefit. These are two reasons I found through some research that I entirely agree with.

The reasons are simple:

When being shown something by a master, it’s a guide, an indication

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So how can we get value from someone who has walked the runway of life and allow us to gain benefit from their experience and actions even though our journeys are different? Our experience is different and, as people, we are different.

As people, it’s the most common thing to copy. It’s a form of learning, we watch, observe, understand and replicate. This however is done with a preset set of expectation values. When being shown something by a master, it’s a guide, an indication, or even if its precision, we are not expected to be able to replicate with success immediately, with consistent practice however and the necessary ingredients that allow one to learn, we can expect some traction in the results. But needless to say, it’s not to be expected that our results will be the same as whom we are copying.

What we are striving for here is the seed, the beginnings of change that you can build upon. If you can understand for example how Richard Branson carries a note book every where he goes, so at any given moment he comes across an idea, its noted, in ink, immediately. Other famous successful people opt for planning your day. Without a plan, then plan to fail is a very common saying. It keeps your work disciplined and with practice, it becomes the norm. These are just two features of very successful people, there are many and providing your set your expectations at the correct level, I believe you can begin to nurture some new strategies and improve the strategies you have in place already.