How you can get more business using Facebook

7th September 2017 — Every business owner is on Facebook for one main reason, to get more business. Everyone may have a different objective, however, we all have to do a number of things before we can turn our fans into real business. First comes the audience building on Facebook and then nurturing them into customers.

Here are some important things you must do to get more likes and engagement on your page.

Make sure you fill out the about section on your Facebook page

Lots of people make the mistake of rushing a business page just so they can get it out there to their friends and family as soon as possible as they are eager for sales. But if you really want to grow the number of people on your page you should make sure you complete every section of your page properly. It should include content that is relevant and helpful but also searchable. All of the content on your page will be indexed by search engines helping attract more people to your page. Spend some time optimizing each section with keywords relevant to your business.

One section very often missed but very important to be done properly is the ‘About’ section. You need a good overview of what your business has to offer. A link to your website (if you have one) or a link to any further information. And any other information that will help prospects understand what your business is really about and what makes you different to the others.

Invite existing contacts to your Facebook Page

Most people already have friends and family and even maybe existing customers who will be more than willing to like your business page. You could ask them in person, in an email or via Facebook. Another great tip is to not just ask for likes but also reviews. They look great! But make sure you always ask and not just presume. And be cautious of over promoting it to everyone so you don't aggravate uninterested connections. It can be disheartening when your friends don't seem to support you but its not personal and its just part of business.

Promote your business on Twitter and Linkedin

Add a link to your Facebook page on your Twitter and Linkedin account. You can even Tweet about your Facebook page to encourage your Twitter followers to connect with you there as well. With Linkedin just been mindful that a lot of people don't like seeing product sales on there. Its more about making business connections rather than sales. So directing your connections to you Facebook page for your products or service would be ideal. Just be sure that you are sparing and strategic with any promotions that you do, as you don't want to be spamming an audience that you have worked hard to build and develop.

Post and share valuable content in social media

The best way to increase your following is to deliver content that is interesting and valuable.

Tweet this

The best way to increase your following on Facebook is to consistently deliver content that is interesting and valuable to them. Its all about building long term relationships on your Facebook page. They are unlikely to remember one individual post you do on Facebook but they will notice you constantly post good quality, helpful and relevant posts and they will then class you as a valued resource.

So how do you know what to publish? You may already have a good idea of what kind of content your buyer wants to read. Or maybe you don't and need some inspiration? Either way what’s going to work best is content that will compel people to click the like button, comment or even share. To help you with this you could spend a week or so taking notes of the types of things you see in your own newsfeed that you think would work well for you. Or you could save time by using a social media media tool for Network Marketing business owners such as

Be active on social

To continue growing your Facebook likes steadily you need to maintain an active and ongoing presence. Not only does this mean posting educational and insightful content on a regular basis but also interacting with your Facebook fans on a regular basis. This means asking questions and answering questions on your page. Find follow and build relationships with others.