14th April 2017 — Recently someone asked me to write an article just for you. The subject was ‘If I was a network marketer and you were my coach, what advice would you give me from a business perspective?’

As a coach I can tell you that people have unique problems and struggles that stop them from moving forwards in every possible way. 'Money-freedom.' 'Time-freedom.' Happiness. Etc.

Let’s start with ‘Living the dream.’

Let’s start with ‘Living the dream.’

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So, one day you heard about this fantastic product, Puritii. You wanted to give it a shot.

You did, and got fantastic results from using it. You also heard how you can sell this product and make a great money from doing so. This was a pivotal moment in time for you.

You got tired of working for somebody else and making them money. You felt not appreciated for the great job you were doing and there was also feelings of guilt for not being there during the day for your kids.

You had enough and wanted to stick it to the man. So, you did. You decided to become an entrepreneur. A Network Marketer about to live the ultimate dream… FREEDOM!

NOW you now can do things on your time. Look after the children when you want. Work from anywhere in the world and make lots of money doing so.

For some of you this will be true and for some of you who are reading this, it will be the exact opposite.

Second guessing and questioning why you started this. “Was it the right thing to do? What have I done?”

You’ve lost income, not gained it. You look around and others seem to be doing so well.

It’s not all doom and gloom because the great news is you can too.

The common theme that appears with some Network Marketers and stops them from making sales and having the financial and time-freedom they want is, integrity.

That means truly believing in the product you’re selling and using it yourself. Not just in the beginning, but consistently.

If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, it’s simple. You won’t sell it. You won’t be talking about it on social media. You won’t be making new connections and building relationships. You won’t even talk about it to your friends.

You will be at home procrastinating. Doing the cleaning, washing, playing with the kids and doing anything to distract yourself from selling your product.

If you are promoting a healthy lifestyle, but you’re taking trips to Maccy D’s 3 times a week and eating biscuits at home due to stress and worry. People sense it and won’t buy.

This is where your integrity is crucial to how much money you earn. If you’re not in alignment with your product and have the utmost belief in it. Then, step back into alignment. Use it consistently. Get the feelings it first brought you.

Sales isn’t sleazy. Sales is a connection between you, your product and someone that wants or needs your help. For you to hold back and shrink, is not helping them, you or your family.

Don’t get caught up in the drama. Look at the data and the evidence out there, without comparison.

Are there people who are making great money at doing this? Yes.

Are there people who are selling their product effortlessly? Yes.

Are there people who have the ‘time freedom’ who are selling the same product as you? Yes.

There’s plenty of evidence to show you that it people are doing it. And, you can have the success you were longing for when you entered into the world of Network Marketing.

It all starts with you and one question.

"Am I a person of integrity?"