14th April 2017 — I wake up at 5.30am. I go to the gym, return at 7.30am and have breakfast. From there, I follow my daily structure that I have already prepared. From Monday to Friday, that is my daily morning routine.

Why do I need to share this? It shows that I have structure. I know what I am doing now, what I am doing next, and what I am doing tomorrow. I wake up daily with a sense of ownership of my day and because of this, I am in control of my efforts and potentially the outcome.

I am in control of my efforts and potentially the outcome.

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We are creatures of habit, and habits can come in both good and bad form. A popular saying is our net worth is determined by subtracting our bad habits from our good ones. Typically, when people decide what they want to do with their day, they opt for good things and as a result this forward thinking allows us to create good habits.

A routine emerges by doing something over and over again, which will eventually turn this action into a habit. The act of automatically turning to our habits creates efficiency in our lives where you get things done without thinking. The process is not dissimilar to programming a machine, once the program is in, it simply gets with task at hand without even thinking. The more positive routines you have in place, the more productive and progressive you will be.

The simple act of introducing routine in your life and positive habits will save you time and energy and the results that often will bear fruit will have a compounding feel good and confidence building outcome for you. The process of repetition will often improve a skill. Do it every now and again and your destined for average, introduce it as a routine you will eventually master the task. There are only positives to routine and your business and personal development will thank you for it.