14th April 2017 — From an early age, you have known little but you had goals. At school, every day, although the teacher may not have described it in such a fashion, they were giving you tasks that would eventually lead you to achieve a goal by passing your exams. As we stepped into adulthood the daily guidance of our structure was left to our own devices and because the structure of goal setting was not explained to us, we failed to understand the importance of how we obtained our exam results.

Goals are our guide, our marks in the sand that lead us to achievements and along the way, they boost our confidence, increase our self esteem and provide a resource to make the most of our personal or business life.

Goals are our guide, our marks in the sand that lead us to achievements.

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By setting goals you employ a method of personal management that enables you to monitor your own personal progress in any given situation. You are the orchestrator, the reviewer and the implementer of action that provides an outcome. By taking on these roles you give yourself a visual of progress that motivates you to the goal you want to achieve.

Goals can be structured into categories, for example, business, financial, education, family, physical, and social. Each one would have its own set of goals you want to achieve.

Say for example you want to expand your business by double in the next 12 months and you are currently turning over $10,000, or £10,000 per month. To turnover 20,000 per month you would need to double your efforts. The long term goal is to double, so now we need to asses what short term tasks you can implement to achieve your long term goal.

This is the overview of what we want to achieve

Current turnover10,000
Goal Turnover per month20,000
Current leads I obtain to turnover 10,000100 per month
Required leads to turnover 20,000200 per month

Considering a 20 day working month my current leads per day is 4.5, to turnover 20,000 per month, I need to obtain a total of 9 leads per day, an extra 4.5.

So my short term task is to increase my leads, if I increase my leads daily, then this will increase my business to 20,000 a month.

To increase leads will require more emails being sent, more social media outreach, more phone calls being made, more networking, all of which are reviewed weekly and corresponded to your turnover so you can understand what the extra numbers are driving to you business.

By looking at the big picture of what you want to achieve and creating small steps in between which you review at regular intervals, weekly perhaps, you can see a clear landscape of what the smaller tasks are contributing, which in turn motivates and steers you towards achieving the final goal.