17th March 2017 — Network Marketing is not about persuading people to buy things from you its about drawing them in to listen. The best way to do this is by being yourself and providing value. And when I mean value I don't mean your product necessarily. Yes they may need your product but what they actually buy isn't the thing itself but how you present it and how you present yourself. As well as how you make them feel about it and themselves.

How much of your own personality shows in your business? Have a good think about this. Have you put any in at all?

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How much of your own personality shows in your business? Have a good think about this. Have you put any in at all? If you have, are you being real? Both are very important. Personality equals trust which in turn gives you more prospective customers. And just as important in my eyes is it gives you peace of mind when you know you are ‘keeping it real’. This means you will enjoy what you do. You will have more fun. One of the reasons people get into Network Marketing is because they don't enjoy their 9-5 job. One of my favourite parts of working in the industry is how much fun it is compared to the corporate world I came from.

People don't really care about how meticulously you have crafted your social media branding. Whether your cover picture is colour co-ordinated with your profile picture and your timeline and all that stuff you can spend hours of non income generating time on. What really draws people to you is your personality, the way you talk, what you believe, what your real life is like etc.

When it comes to products I normally have to ask the customer for the feedback. The most comments I get are on a personal quality. For example people have said things like "you are really inspiring" or "I love seeing that your just a normal mum with struggles and don't fake running a business from home easy" or "your enthusiasm and motivation is energising" None of these are to do with what I'm selling but it is everything to do with why they are buying my products and joining my team.

You have probably come across lots of people talking about authenticity. Its because it can be hard to find amongst all the noise. Trust builds connections and your business. If your looking for a foundation for your business then this is a good one!