14th April 2017 — Many people in network marketing never reach their potential and they think its because of all off their prospects that said no. But thats not true. Its because of the prospects they didn't see. There is no problem your ever have in your business that cant be solved by increased activity. If your business isn't building quick enough for your liking then speak to more people. Practice more on your presentation. Keep telling your story.

When you talk to people ask them questions about time with their family, how their job or business is going, what holidays they have planned and you could even talk about how they feel about pensions and their financial future. As you ask these questions, listen out for signs of stress. Do they feel they work too many hours? Are they spending enough time with their family? Do they like their job? Maybe they are at threat of redundancy? Can they not afford a holiday? Do they have no pension plans or investments? Keep a list of everyone you talk to. (This is often called your WDYKL - Who Do You Know List). Make notes of of all their stress areas and when you have two or three written down, its the right time to present the concept of your business.

The solution needs to make logical sense. Logic opens the mind.

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This is where you demonstrate how your business plan is the solution to their stress. It is critical however that you understand that the business plan is only a solution to a problem or a way to achieve a dream. The solution needs to make logical sense. Logic opens the mind but you then need to ask specific questions to unlock the emotions and motivate the prospect to want find their own solution. If you show only solutions without really knowing each persons motivating factor, the prospect will not get emotionally connected and is likely to go cold very quickly. When you show prospects your plan you need to use their own words. For example

So this means you are in full control of the hours you work meaning you have more time available to spend with your children and can even be available for all of the school holiday


So this means you could retire at 55 like you want to and live in the style and comfort you dream off

When you repeat your prospects words as you show them the business plan it becomes more personal to them. Its their ideas and words so its more meaningful and motivational to them. When you use this technique all the time, asking your prospect to join you becomes really easy and stress free.

Most people will tell you how scared they felt when they first prospected people but thats just because of not really having any clue what to say. It feels like such a dramatic event but it doesn't need to be. It comes so easy to me now as I don't have any worry about rejection any more. Most of the time people are so fired up with their own enthusiasm that joining me in business seems just a natural thing for them to do.

I see so many people over think the whole prospecting side of the business and it doesn't need to be like that at all. Yes always be business like but also be relaxed. Certainly don't seem desperate! The important thing to remember here is that when you have made notes of the two or threes stress points and the time is right for your prospects to join the business YOU MUST ask them to join. Be clear, be confident and get them joining today. Not next week!