14th April 2017 — It’s a proven fact that reading increases intelligence. It opens up and exercises the brain, it increases vocabulary and the process of learning. Books are contagious and unlike their blue screen cousins, a book will not only give you exercise in the cognitive region, it will also help rest and recovery too.

By going through the continual process of learning, you’ll increase your capacity to expand your knowledge, vocabulary, potentially conversation and your ability to be a more productive human being.

Reading increases intelligence. It opens up and exercises the brain.

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Similar to a jog that exercises your cardiovascular system, reading a book regularly improves memory and gives your brain a good work out. Frequent reading is the equivalent to the brain as a regular visit to the gym is for the body.

As a network marketer and being in a business that requires considerable human interaction, reading and being knowledgeable can only benefit you. Whether it is business strategy books or entertainment or learning about the products you sell, to engage your brain to the written word will only increase your capacity as a business owner. People who read regularly have a higher intelligence are more engaged with general knowledge and in general, it makes you smarter. Attributes that will be sure to help your business grow.

By reading every day, it increases your level of concentration and focus. In the world we live in, with consistent bite sizes of information being blasted at us from so many different sources, numerous times a day, we can be prone to train our brains to concentrate for short periods of time, however, making time for a good read can counter this giving you the capacity to be focused for lengths of time should you need it.

In fact, reading is only positive. Its entertaining, its productive, its progresses you in memory, intelligence, increases your vocabulary, improves writing skills, reduces stress and many more positives. If you’re considering investing in you, then you’d do well to purchase nothing more than a good book and give them engine room of your mind the food it loves. Happy reading.