14th April 2017 — Self development is a lifelong process not just something you should do when you get into network marketing. It is a way for people to access their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise their their potential.

Develop a Vision - Most of us find it easier to motivate ourselves to learn and improve if we have a purpose in doing so. You need a clear idea of where you want to be in a few months and years. Your ‘WHY’ is a crucial part of developing this purpose.

When the confidence is there, its easier to sell, which makes it easier to make money.

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Time is money - Wasted time is wasted money. If you are constantly stressing over your personal problems, you will not focus on your business. If you do not focus on your business, what makes you think people will want to join your mlm business. If you keep focussing on why you are not being successful or why your not making money thats exactly whats going to happen. This is a big reason why personal development matters. It helps you make money as it keeps you focussed. Without sufficient personal development, the confidence you need to successfully run a business wont come. When the confidence is there, its easier to sell, which makes it easier to make money.

You need to be constantly thriving for better. Successful business people recognise they can always improve. If you adopt this mentality your business will grow as you do. And as you and your business grow, so will your income. And thats why we started our business isn't it?

I believe that around 95% of my success in network marketing is because of my commitment to my personal development. I was a HR Officer and a mum with no knowledge of the products, the business model, had very little time to spare, suffered with anxiety but soon built a global business and was earning three times what I was earning in my day job within just a few months. Personal growth gave me the knowledge and belief that I could succeed in the industry if I really wanted it.

We all know people who work hard that are not making a lot money. As Jin Rohn says “If you work on your day job you can make a living. If you work on yourself you can make a fortune”

These are some important things you need to work on:

Dealing with rejection - Do not let anyone rain on your parade or tell you your crazy. The secret to success in network marketing is to never quit. You will get knocked down many many times. You only fail when you quit! Believe me its worth the fight! There is nothing else that can make you the money you can in our industry.

Consistency - A few simple disciplines practiced every day leads to success. Success is all about small steps to the top taken every day.

Discipline - Follow through. Do what you commit to do. Discipline is doing what you know you have to do even when you don't feel like it.

Desire - It takes a burning desire to succeed. If you plan to just play it safe that wont work. You must be totally committed.

Repetition - A final key to personal growth is repetition. Just listening to a CD or training video for example once is not enough. I listen to things and read things repeatedly. I rarely watch TV or listen to music. I use this time for learning.

I work non stop on myself. The more I do the more my life changes. I learn how to do, I learn how to speak, I learn new philosophies of life. Most importantly I'm always learning that I can be more.