17th March 2017 — Do you reward yourself for doing what you do? Do you motivate yourself by giving small bonus prizes to the chief worker (you) along the way, or do you reward yourself with something special at the end of the project? Whatever your choice maybe, the process of reward can be an extremely valuable and often a necessary attribute to you achieving your goal.

The reward itself is a positive signal of progress. I will have this break once I complete this task for example, is one of the simpler reward programs. To align positive energy and feelings towards a task that may have been challenging, simply allows us to enter more tasks with a similar mind set. Not only does it entice us along, similar of course to the donkey and carrot, but once we receive our just return, it gives us a moment to reflect on the work we have achieved.

Procrastination is often abstained when reward is in the formula

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Procrastination is often abstained when reward is in the formula. We are procrastinating as the job or project quite simply isn’t important to us. We are not interested in the task and therefore it falls further down the to do list, sometimes never to see daylight again, or, to emerge some months later to be thrashed out of the way on a blitz day. Surely a solution to reduce and make procrastination extinct and a thing of the past would be to intertwine a reward program throughout less rosy tasks. By breaking this task up and incentivising ourselves that when this is done, or halfway through, I will reward myself with cups of tea, or cash towards something just for you, or anything that you can give make this bitter pill that little bit sweeter.

By rewarding yourself, you are achieving the task, by achieving the task you are removing the procrastination and the consequence of all is you are demonstrating to yourself that you are a doer and nothing halts your progress. Even the less interesting jobs.