14th April 2017 — The love of something pushes your boundaries, you seem to have a little something extra in reserve when the task before you is in the category of things you love. Why is this?

Goals are our guide, our marks in the sand that lead us to achievements and along the way, they boost our confidence, increase our self esteem and provide a resource to make the most of our personal or business life.

Do it for the love of what you do and the money will follow.

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A job, that serves its purpose to pay you money, will give you exactly that, money. However, a job that entertains your mind, challenges you to the point where you are motivated to give results, brings you more, much more. You are far more likely to succeed where there is more than just money involved.

Money is a means to an end, however, when money is the end target it has limitations. To focus on something you love and the reasons why you actually do it will bring far more prosperity for the passion to succeed will open more doors of creativity and give you more determination to achieve.

Every task comes with its challenges, daily you will face people not wanting your products or services, however, if you are confident in your product and passionate about what you do, rejection is a very easy thing to handle because your driver has an emotional attachment from deep inside you. This will stand you in good stead to ide out the rough moments and propel yourself further because you have connected an internal belief system to your product or service.

Have an indestructible belief in the service you provide people. Connect emotionally to your service and this will push you so much further than someone who is in it just for the money. Money and success will follow on from passion and belief in your offering. Enthusiasm is contagious and creates curiosity and it also positions your service from a healthy and authentic source. People by people and they will always recognise those who are in it for the money. Do it for the love of what you do and the money will follow closely behind.