17th March 2017 — For far to many years I had family members telling me I couldn't accomplish what I wanted. And when I was successful at anything they gave me no recognition for it. They didn't even acknowledge it. Although quick to tell me anything that didn't go right, was my own doing. There were many times I doubted if I was the kind of person that could actually achieve the things I had in mind and if I was just being stupid having these goals and dreams.

I got into Network Marketing by chance. I just saw a way to buy the products I was using at a big discount. I soon realised there was a great opportunity to be able to leave my job and have more time with my children and get paid more money for the pleasure of it. But like most I was told leaving my secure job was a stupid thing to do if I was about to be self employed. There were many people who said I was mad to think people really succeed in this industry and it was probably a scam. So I was totally driven to prove them wrong. One of my favourite quotes is "Do it for the people that want you to fail".

As the months went on I found myself surrounded by lots of people that were saying YOU CAN!! You can do it. Which was something I hadn't been used to. It was such a nice change. Id waited a long time to finally be surrounded by people that believed in me.

If I wasn’t already friends with them, would I want to make friends with them?

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Sometimes you have to outgrow your friends. Unfortunately, when you grow, not all of your friends will be growing with you. Your friends tend to rub off on you; as such, they can pull you up or hold you back. Ask yourself: If I wasn’t already friends with them, would I want to make friends with them? If the answer is no then don't let them drag you down and hold you back from your life goals.

You can’t argue with haters, because they’re not arguing with you. When your work attracts irrational hate, it’s tempting to defend yourself. This is pointless, because the hate isn’t even about you - you’re just being used as a stand-in for something or someone else.

If your mission is to lead or better other lives as well as your own, surrendering to the emotional concerns of others will ruin things for you. Leaders that can’t make tough decisions can’t lead. This is not to say that being an arse will make you successful. But an unwillingness to not let others opinions get to you will almost certainly lead to a road of failure.