17th March 2017 — Now this is the million dollar question. What is your motivation? Or in other words. What is your want? One thing that needs to be clear is that your motivation needs to be personal.

What I mean by this is your motivation is driven by you, not by some motivational guru, it’s you. I meet people day in day out that feel they need outside motivation like a personal trainer, or a coach. What I believe is any coach out there worth engaging with is one that will give you the tools to identify your want and then help you design a plan to achieve it.

I am going to use a simple example here. Fitness. Fitness is the easiest of them all because it costs nothing and is down to you to make it happen. Let’s think about the person looking to hit a goal weight or level of fitness. How would they go about achieving their goal? Would they write their goal down? Identify short, medium and long term and micro-steps with dates around each step. You would hope so but there is a crucial ingredient missing here...

A person first needs to identify why the goal is something that they want. When you identify your want, this will be your motivation. Make a list of why this goal is what you want e.g. to be healthier, to look good, to live longer etc. Is this list all centred around you or does it contain how it will help others? E.g. I want this so I can set a good example for my children.

If your goal involves helping others, or benefits others, you have a motivation other than yourself

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Do you see what I am getting at here? If your goal involves helping others, or benefits others, you have a motivation other than yourself. You have a motivation to strive and realise your goals because you are helping others in the process. Helping others makes you feel good and makes you want to achieve what you set out to achieve. This is Personal Motivation.

Identify why you want it, then set your goals around your want. Now a quick tip here would be to adjust your wants from I want to lose weight because... To I want to go to the gym because… this ‘want’ adjustment triggers different more positive motivation in your thoughts.

So if you want to make a million pounds, drive a range rover, live in a big house and retire on a tropical island. What is the first step? Ask yourself why and how that is going to help others in this world. When you are helping others and seeing the value you add by doing the things you do, work is no longer work. You have found your motivation.