17th March 2017 — The life blood of any company is new custom and customer awareness of your product, telling the world how well you perform in your duties as a supplier.

The power of social media for those that want to perform a solid business service is simply outstanding. You see, people have now taken the polite approach by reinforcing what you do with likes and comments. A wealth of new customers await this trail of golden nuggets that will turn curiosity into custom. Ignore such opportunity at your company’s peril.

So how do I obtain such riches from the magic of social media? The first step is simple, you must, must, must be involved. To sell or be referred, you must have an audience to interact with so they can purchase from you or simply appreciate what you are sharing. This is a process of commitment. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch and with social media, the same philosophy applies. Steadily over time build your audience, the most successful accounts have several, if not 10’s of thousands of followers. This at first may seem like a daunting prospect, but remember, those with accounts that have thousands of followers started at zero, they simply saw the opportunity and stuck with the plan.

Commit to a daily routine of nurturing your social accounts, use NetworkYou to help you do this

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Commit to a daily routine of nurturing your social accounts, use NetworkYou to help you do this. Keep focused that the growth is coming and the opportunities will emerge at a time when the account grows to a tipping point. Others are running entire businesses on their social and this is a strategy that delivers at a low cost. The initial outlay you must make is a small amount of regular time that will eventually reap you the rewards you seek.

To give you an understanding on how easy this is. In 90 days, using NetworkYou, in 60 days, I have grown my Twitter account from 400 to 1000 followers. How have I done this? I have logged in every day and shared content, followed new people and engaged with those that are appropriate to my service. Follow this strategy, be patient and you too will experience the opportunities that await you from social media. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll gladly guide you through your early days to get you and your business on the right track.