14th April 2017 — Unfortunately its sad but true that women in most professions are still being paid less than male employees in the same positions. With Network Marketing and direct sales it offers a complete level playing field. The income you can achieve is not gender bias. In fact a large percentage of of the profession are women and more and more are rising to the top, achieving multi 6 figure and seven figure annual incomes.

Unlike many organisations, network marketing companies make a huge effort to recognise and reward their distributors. Incentives are usually offered at every level of the business. Whether it be from uplines them selves with smaller gifts or the company offering free trips across the world and even cars and cash bonuses.

Each time you smile, a little feel good party gets going in your brain.

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Network Marketing is one of the very few business models where you can truly choose the hours you work and enjoy more time freedom. Its not just about getting more flexibility in your day its about having flexibility for a lifetime. Its not uncommon for former career women like myself to start a direct sales/network marketing business, and within a few years, replaced or increased their income and be enjoying a lot more free time in their lives. There are very few business opportunities that can create that kind of rapid financial return and ultimate lifestyle freedom.

In a conventional job there are usually brackets of pay for different roles. Unless you progress through the ranks the likely hood is that the best you can hope for is a cost of living pay increase. If you stay doing the same job for your whole life thats quite a depressing thought. How are you going to better your life financially? And then the dreaded pension worry to deal with when you finally finish working. And who knows what age that will end up being put up to in another 10 years time!

With Network Marketing not only are the earnings uncapped for everybody (you don't need a degree or qualification to climb the ladder). But there is also the residual income. Residual income is key to long term financial freedom. If you are like me and studied for years to progress your career you then feel like you are just trading your time for money! Even if I had carried on working my way up the corporate ladder, I would have never had financial freedom. Yes my bills were getting paid but I never had much left over and once the children came along it got to the point that there wasn't even enough at the end of the month. We started getting in trouble after trying to survive on maternity pay two times. Because guess what happens when you stop working?? You stop getting paid!! However, with Network Marketing, you can continue earning money. Residual income that keeps growing and growing, even in your sleep. With my third maternity leave there was no drop having to survive on maternity pay. Actually my money was increasing!