Your dashboard.

Welcome to your NetworkYou dashboard, this is the screen you are greeted with when you login and gives a great overview of your success.

NetworkYou Dashboard

1 Helping to motivate you, NetworkYou shows you a snap shot of your daily goals to success.

2 See how your audience is growing over recent days and weeks.

3 Quick links are ever present to lead you to key actions.

4 See a quick snapshot of your interactions and how they affect your growth.

Find the right people to follow.

The best Network Marketers know that success with social media is more than a numbers game.

NetworkYou Follower Tool

1 NetworkYou allows you to fully manage your followers. Find new followers, look up followers of a competitor and quickly unfollow leads that are not interacting with you

2 The quick search option lets you get straight to work

3 Potential followers are ranked and you are shown how likely a follow back is, helping you to focus on the very best leads

Angie, Netowrk You customer

Despite hours of reading I still found myself bewildered, lost, stressed and anxious about social media. NetworkYou has helped me build a professional social media strategy; I have in a few short weeks doubled my target market followers and I now confidently embrace using social media in my business.

— Angie Grant

The perfect content to post.

We have indexed 1000s of content creators across the web, all ready for you to post their information to your followers.

NetworkYou Feed Finder

1 Enter your interests and we'll filter from the 1000s of content creators available

2 Take a look at the kind of content each creator provides and how often they post, then decide whether to add to your personal list

3 Quick links beside each item allows you to post to your social media channels, either right away or you can schedule for later.

Karla, NetworkYou customer

The content and articles are easy to find using keywords, relevant and up to date. It automatically creates you a schedule, and with a touch of the button I can edit it. After my first post I have had brand new likes and followers! I'm so happy!

— Karla

Schedule your day.

You don't need to be tied to your screen all day in order to engage and offer value to your followers.

NetworkYou Scheduler

1 The scheduler toolbar allows you to setup content to post as far in advance as you want to.

2 The scheduler toolbar appears on every page allowing you to quickly setup your day.

Sian, NetworkYou customer

I'm a network marketer and I use NetworkYou to help me manage my social media. Prior to NetworkYou, I really was unsure on what to post out other than my personal messages to people. NetworkYou has loads of really cool content that I share and my followers engage well with it. Genuinely, it would take me an age to find the sorts of great articles and videos it allows me to choose from. NetworkYou is a time saver and confidence booster for me on social. I've found a new level!

— Sian Hodgson
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